Our Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches are now available at our retail store for you to enjoy all year round! 
They are approximately 3" in diameter and 1" of ice cream. Our Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches are $6.95 each (Introductory price) and they come individually boxed. We currently carry 8 Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich Flavours.

Having a party? Cater your event's sweet fix with macaronZ Ice Cream Sandwiches!
They are the perfect compliment to your soiree with options for pick up or delivery (Minimum order for delivery and charges apply). 
Please place your order at macaronzcanada@gmail.com



Chocolate Chip

Cookies & Cream

Vanilla Lemon

Birthday Cake

Cereal Crunch

Chocolate Hazelnut

Butterscotch Chip